Tabula Rasa in Silence

Latin | German

Silence is the darkness of unspoken words
Silence is the patience of hidden swords —

Silence is the scream in deepest woods
Silence is the outbreak of conquered moods —

Silence is the wisdom of a tortured slave
Silence is the witness of an abandoned grave —

Silence is the peaceful meaning of success
Silence is the meaningless regulation that sucks less —

Silence is the power of powerless people
Silence is the fear of men inside the steeple —

Silence makes me run in disgust and thought
Silence creates frustration about what you’re taught —

Silence is the freedom of an empty hall
Silence is the weakness of the poor and small —

Silence creates masses that aren’t heard
Silence creates ignorance in the upper herd —

Silence is the pinnacle of understanding
Silence is the source of every human’s crash landing —

Silence will be everything that should
Silence won’t be anything that could.

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

© FelixMittermeier (photograph)

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