Foreign Landscapes

Foreign landscapes still
After moving into the wrong direction
        try, try, try         and
                work, work, work

Thinking about moving on
But thoughts are trapped until
They have the strength to follow
The still aching body
From a year of sorrow and pain obviously
Makes for a flying start
Not as high flying as a hurricane
That would be insane
And not as healthy as promised
There starts the first shift
With the second glooming fortunately
Foreign landscapes
Come with new surroundings
The narrowed mindset doesn’t help
Walkings do
Observe the mirror
To ask yourself one question:

Do I feel happy?

And if I don’t?
What do I need to change?
Writing sets the tone
Reflection helps to bring the thoughts in order
Threw into the mind bin
That didn’t help in the year before
So, bit by bit         and
        step by step
There ain’t no foreign landscapes any more.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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