About me

To quote William Regal in a slightly modified kind of way:

“I’ve got a made mind; it just works as a writer.”

Writing, to write, I do as long as I am able to think back. Some people may call it inspiration. Maybe it’s just practicing every day to discover the little details and put in words what makes for a good text to read and enjoy.

My whole life I’ve written long and even longer texts, complex novels that I made up as I wrote. Usually I don’t like to plan things. If I planned something in the past, for example writing out a short summary, I instantly lost interest when said summary was finished. So, of course, there are a lot of started novels but just a few finished.

Just recently – maybe a coincidence because of the troubled times we currently live in – I started to write poems or slightly non fitting words put together. In the past, at school, I never liked poems of any kind. But I kind of grew into liking them – maybe just the ones I’ve written. Because it’s a short and easy way to express your feelings or what happened in life or on Earth at a tiny glimpse of time in history.

And here I am: this blog is some sort of a collection of references to what happened during our time on Earth. Some poems in here are personal, some others are political, others might be philosophical, historical – whatever strikes my mind.

  • My poems are written in English and German.
  • If you like to get in touch over the use of my poems, please use the contact form.
  • Or you tweet me on Mastodon.
  • Or even better: leave me a comment / suggestion for a certain poem on this very page.

And for a last word about the name of this site:
SCRIPTORIUM ’77scriptorium is medieval Latin and means ‘writing room’. Plus: I was born in 1977.