when we are close

feeling close is what i need
having someone to wait for me ;

late afternoon i arrive back home
exhausted from work and people in the tram ;

coming home to an empty flat
without kisses
without laughter
without people
        who care that i live ;

feeling close is what i want
having someone whom i can feel special ;

it’s the purpose of life as a human
to have someone to care for
to need someone to share life with
to create the next generation ;

and what next ?

after generation comes generation
and another generation ;

looking back two-thousand years from now
this pattern had been already established ;

you see
this isn’t a poem anymore
about me ;

it’s the question of life
and about us humans ;

but knowing all that
i still just want someone
that i can feel comfortable with
when we are close.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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