Another Time. Another Place

Something went wrong
I’m back again
Back from the dead
Back in the circle
Back on Earth

For the …
Whateverth time
Forgot to count
And guess what?
It won’t end

Let me explain with a question:
Did you ever wonder
Why humans never learn?
Why they do every single mistake
On and on again?

They should know by now
Every mistake was made
For the …
Whateverth time
You could guess
And rightly so
Because every mistake was written down
As well
Everyone who want it
Can know about the human failure

At this point
It’s both
Funny and boring
I’m laughing out of desperation
Because I can’t see it anymore
The wars
The crimes
The arguing
The pain
The miscommunication
The egoism
The hubris

If you don’t know by now
I’m telling you
There is no single soul in every one of us
That will die or go to hell or heaven
There is just one
And a tiny piece of it will fill the mortal apparel
When it’s born
It brings all the instincts, morals and rules
Into the flesh
But it forgets where they are coming from
That it knows everything
That needs to be known

Greed and lust
Separates the tiny pieces
From the whole
Something that’s apparently feral
The ego comes with the spoken language
Learning comes with the written one
But one has to read to learn
And think before doing
Something that’s very rare
But not only today
It has been since ages
And won’t ever change

And so I’m doomed
To walk this way again
Until I go
To join another circle

Maybe with you
Or you.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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