The Struggle

Let the fight begin
I told Charon
Took his finger
Showed him the rest of the night sky

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Sonnet #36: Earthquake

Too long it takes to realize the pain
For those who suffer death comes within seconds
Through earthquakes there is not much more to gain
Then beg for help as president he reckons

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

The Only Way Is Up

There are abandoned places
You can look at them from home
There are abandoned items
Only seen in the wild

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

By a Landslide

Life could be so easy
How many times do we use this phrase
Every week —
Every day —

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Sonnet #4: Calm

We’re seldom moving backwards thinking into space
Those peaceful drifting feelings standing still in time
When softly running tears across your lying face
You’ve always told to nightingales I was your prime

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Sonnet #1: Roots Stable

The mist of time on holy even grounds
Brown leaves on rotten fields of midnight past
When fall is done to move in larking sounds
Her falling hair will wither shining last

© Dominik Alexander / 2020