One Question

Why are you aggressive?
I’m just asking a question
You know the answer
But you don’t answer me.

I’m asking again
Just one simple question
I just like to know.

There is no need for long explanation
No triple assessments
No justification.

Where is your aggression coming from?
Is it me?
Or my question?
I know you know the answer
But you don’t answer me.

What is wrong with you?
Why don’t you answer me?
Or is something wrong with me?
Do I ask too many questions?

You are the one who’s aggressive!
You are the one who refuses to answer!

It’s just a tiny question
One simple answer
I’m asking politely as much as I can
Despite your aggression
And your blatant rejection.

My question is: why
Your answer is: no
But not satisfying
So I have to ask once again:

Why don’t you love me?

    © Dominik Alexander / 2019


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