Mountain of Time

Let’s see where it goes
Moving up
Moving forward
Turning back
Just in our dreams;

But we have none
No dreaming in our minds
Because we’re too kind
Helping others
Forgetting about ourselves
Putting in shelfs
Our hopes and fears;

Those shelves far away
At a long lost place
Forgotten sins
In the back of our minds;

They torture us every night
Instead of dreams
That shoud please us;

We’re the children of this generation
Children of Earth
And the universe;

So we don’t get dreams
But we force to have some
In both of our hands;

There is glitter
And gold
We’re standing on the top of our mountain;

This mountain contains of
Our burdens
Our fulfilled tasks
Our sins
Our failures
Our hopes;

Our dreams;

On top of that mountain
We oversee time
And look at the future.

    © Dominik Alexander / 2019


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