train station girl

what are my thoughts
what have I done
when time goes by
my love has gone

© Dominik Alexander / 2022

join me for the trip of our life

there hangs a shadow
on that rejuvenated meadow
from the tree in the distance
without known substance

© Dominik Alexander / 2022


It always starts with love within our hearts
The sorting of the burdens dims the lights
From right to left we’re shuffling all the cards
And hope something remains that souls ignites

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

Dreaming At Day With Eyes Open

When you dream yourself back to reality
Forget about your glasses
You don’t need to throw your sharp look into spaqces nobody cares about

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Mountain of Time

Let’s see where it goes
Moving up / Moving forward
Turning back / Just in our dreams;

© Dominik Alexander / 2019

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Breathing in like it’s a beam of light
Prepare to fly / Through hidden wisdom;

© Séamus Kennan / 2017