Don’t Call the Cops


Nobody has seen this coming
Count me as surprised
Count me as shocked
Don’t want the government to feel as being mocked
Delusional really
Who would have thought
That within the national security gang
There would be nationalist individuals?

Listen to me
Listen very closely!


They are only individuals
There is no large group
There is no network
Nothing organized
Nothing planned
No-one is in danger
Because we are the danger
Because police are the good lads
They are the guys with the registered guns
When someone runs
They always ask politely:
    Would you be so kind and stop, please?
The police won’t hurt you
No single officer will act against the constitution
Because they swore on state and paper
And no-one


Acts against an oath
It’s the mos maiorum
It’s also legally forbidden
So, it can’t happen anyway
We honestly believe that

In conclusion
We really don’t know
How nationalism in our beloved national security gang
Can happen
It’s philosophically impossible
But it won’t ever happen again
Because the circumstances will be investigated.

By the national security gang itself


        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Engin Akyurt (photograph)

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