Call the Police

You are

        A Muslim girl
        In a western European city
        Being harassed by a group of young white men
        On the street
        At night
        While walking home
        From a party
        Yes, you’ve had one or two long drinks
        With alcohol

Would you
Call the police?

You are

        An old dark-skinned man
        Being accused of fraud
        At the bank office counter
        You wanted to withdraw some money
        From your bank account
        Fivethousand Euros
        Your hard earned money
        Long saved
        For your daughter
        Who needs it for surgery overseas

Would you
Call the police?

You are

        A Polish boy
        Missing your bicycle
        You well know
        You’ve locked it
        Outside the employment exchange
        You still wear your scars
        From a recent bike accident
        Like a mark
        Like a stigma

Would you
Call the police?

You are

        An old German woman
        Living alone
        Because you want to be independent
        From other people
        For as long as possible
        Your hearing grew hard recently
        Some day someone called you by telephone
        They said
        They needed your help
        You’re an old lady
        Sometimes you believe
        Nobody needs you anymore
        Of course you want to help
        You helped with your saved money
        Saved for your last days living
        At some point later
        You realize
        They didn’t want your help
        They only wanted your money
        You already mistrust the police
        Because you are only able
        To read the big letters in your daily newspaper
        The headlines

Would you
Call the police?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© David Mark (photograph)

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