*PEEP* Diss

What the *PEEP* is wrong with us
Why are we filled with so much Hass?
It seems like
Every social media account
Built its wall to fight its ground
The enemy is everywhere
Around this corner
Don’t you *PEEP*ing see it?

We blast opinions into the sphere
Expecting violent Gegenwehr
We are alone
Sweating at home
Without no trousers on
Because home office is so much fun
That we torture the Tastatur
Our enemy grown at home for sure
This enemy is called fear
It’s right next to ya, my dear
It grows inside your server
Spreading its tentacles right through your fervor
Diener am Menschenkind
Weil diese Höchsten der Nahrungskette so selbstsüchtig
So arrogant
So stinkend faul sind

Writing down your opinions to appear on screen
What a feeling to finally being seen!
But it’s effective just for a second
If you don’t continue you’re thrown straight to the back end
Something bigger must be done
Because this really isn’t just for fun
Anymore —

Just wait a minute
I’m coming right to the core
The *PEEP*ing problem is inside of us all
No matter how smart or stupid we are
We’re all prone to fall
For the laziness as a result of the digital era
Do you remember Roger Waters lauding Vera?
That’s something still remembered aloud
When he spat into that crowd
It was direct confrontation
Something we discarded for castration
In recent years
It won’t get better with more and more growing fears
With the Trumps, Пу́тинс, Erdoğans and Orbáns encouraging hate
Taking their power as given fate —

Dictators love people fighting each other
When they don’t trust their brother, their mother
When Twitter is the main source for knowledge
Their blasted fake news seem cutting-edge
To the sheep at home
Whose minds are blown and prone to roam
From one subject to the next
Without reading and understanding one simple text —

What we do and what we miss
Is taking the *PEEP*ing diss
Of the Trumps, Пу́тинс, Erdoğans and Orbáns
Put them in some pans
To boil them into oblivion
While the sane need to talk again
With each other.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Fajrul Falah (photograph)

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