03_Interrogation_title 01_Interrogation_title 05_Interrogation_copyright
07_Interrogation_sitting on a bench 09_Interrogation_surrounded by trees 11_Interrogation_on a hot late august afternoon
13_Interrogation_it was sunday 15_Interrogation_suddenly another man came by 17_Interrogation_one look
19_Interrogation_he answered the look 21_Interrogation_one smile 23_Interrogation_he answered that too
25_Interrogation_and stopped with their two pairs of eyes still in contact 27_Interrogation_hey he said 29_Interrogation_hey I answered
31_Interrogation_may I sit down 33_Interrogation_he meant next to me 35_Interrogation_sure of course
37_Interrogation_was that too much of assurance 39_Interrogation_all of a sudden I didn't care 41_Interrogation_may I kiss you I asked when we were sitting next to each other still touching each others face with our eyes
43_Interrogation_sure of course he answered 45_Interrogation_so I didnt think twice 47_Interrogation_I kissed him
49_Interrogation_then a little deeper until I decided I shouldnt take this too far 51_Interrogation_then there was this look again 53_Interrogation_familiar
55_Interrogation_but with one question 57_Interrogation_why did you let me kiss you 59_Interrogation_because you asked and why did you
61_Interrogation_asking you 63_Interrogation_he nodded 65_Interrogation_because I forgot how great it is I just wanted to know again
67_Interrogation_to know something is the best motivator 69_Interrogation_yes but it creates desire 71_Interrogation_theres nothing wrong about that when you meet the right person he said and smiled again

Have written this short story in August 2019 and started posting it on Instagram under the hashtag #justanotherlittlelovestory36 on 27 August 2019. The 36th and last picture was posted on 28 October 2019. And now I’ve copied everything here for the complete picture.

    © Dominik Alexander / 2020

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