Facing the Demon

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There   was     a       time         in           our             past
When   we     were       told         nothing           will             last
Forever   remains     nothing       we         know
You   might     throw       your         memories           below
The   surface     you       stay         for           home
The   temple     you       sometimes         call           dome
Your   palace     far       behind         the           clouds
You   won’t     ever       be         comfortable           in             crowds
Far   behind     the       midnight         sun
You   wish     to       do         nothing           but             run
From   your     memories       and         past
Because   sometimes     certain       things         do           last
The   struggles     of       every         human’s           early             days
Imprinted   deeply     it       always         pays
In   later     life       and         without           fear
We   have     to       face         this           demon ,             dear .

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Bessi (photograph)

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