Second Best

On my daily morning bicycle ride
After a lot of try and error
        Because of horrible
        Or non-existent bicycle tracks

I have somehow found a route
That suits me fine:

Including crossing the Great Garden
From one far end to the opposite
My bicycle racing track
I’m always coming back
The same day
Not for racing then
But writing again —

There is some routine in racing
There is some routine in writing
My frame of work —

Starting my mind engines in the morning
Racing towards the Sun
Feeling the power of a new dawn
Everything bright
Everything fun —

Calming down in the afternoon
Sitting on my bench
Watching people becoming powerful
For the night maybe
For their Ego —

There is some madness in the morning though
When I pretend to be a Great Garden crow
Turning into a different creature
With the speed of light my signature feature —

There is always someone in front of me
My Great Garden racing track
Isn’t called racing track for nothing
Catching up with the wind
Carrying me before the grind
Of work will tack on me
Overtaking other racers sets me free —

When I passed some
And the clear view has come
There will be a good day;

But when I fail in my morning test
When I’m only second best
There is a lot of improvement left that day.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Pexels (photograph)

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