I Can’t Breathe

What do the numbers tell you about Saxony during COVID-19
When they are saying:
        We are low
So the people here surely follow the rules
Living by the law like good citizens
Wearing their masks
In a way epidemiologists would be proud of
Thus the numbers are suggesting —

What I’m observing
(usually from my bicycle)
Is this:
People are lazy and crazy
They are bending the rules
Wearing their masks
Only Men at Work would be proud of
        Down under
Many of them under their chin
Old men are wearing their crumpy face as a mask
Fat women are carrying certificates from the doctor stating
        I can’t breathe
        When I’m forced to wear one of those rags

What’s keeping the numbers low in Saxony
Isn’t just the physical distance
Also the mental distance
It’s natural here
No regulations needed
Natural masks
Naturally appearing distance —

In frosty temperatures
COVID-19 isn’t able to spread —

There are low numbers in Saxony
Because COVID-19 is afraid of its people.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

mind the gap-ignorance-narcissism
© aitoff (photograph)

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