sick as i am

sick as i am
i try to obscure
what went wrong
during the latest nights

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Sonnet #35: Diversity

One life starts slow and moving on towards
Existence in between the past and future
It follows those that teaches it as guards
What’s right, what’s wrong and in between the suture

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Sonnet #32: Queen

Their time will come for all the beings left
A life enriched through bad and better days
And still it’s feeling like a bitter theft
Throughout she never failed us to amaze

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Blank Page

You don’t even need to be born
You’ve got already labels pinned to your back

© Dominik Alexander / 2022

Sonnet #12: Prejudices

Applying to indifferences why
The schedule of the fight writes down the law
Release the armour whispers there a cry
The echo breaks itself at what we saw

© Dominik Alexander / 2021


It always starts with love within our hearts
The sorting of the burdens dims the lights
From right to left we’re shuffling all the cards
And hope something remains that souls ignites

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

Putting On a Face

Putting on a face, they say
A brave one?
A terrified one?
A cynical one?

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Flaming Mind

Considerations are done
When finished it should be fun

© Dominik Alexander / 2020


We like to observe
We want to judge
Other people
Because looking at ourselves
Is simply too much

© Dominik Alexander / 2020