Facing Extinction

    The lights go out on planet Earth
Who wants a piece for what it’s worth?

    I’m taking in the bloodstained air
Who wants to be a billionaire?

    The trees are heavenly polluted
Tax cuts for the rich should be disputed.

    From day one of human race
This planet Earth has been disgraced.

    Evolution has been a Marxist evil
What bad once was comes back as huge upheaval.

    Climate change is obviously a thing
Denying Forty-five wants to be a king.

    The human answer for facing this crisis
Is celebrating Corona-parties; take this!

    Lobby lacking culture is dying a slow death
Lobbyism in the car industry is just a mess.

    Snow in winter wasn’t seen in years
Let’s forget about it with a few beers.

    Tradition is held up high with the upper class
Abusing children and harassing women is considered sass.

    Police is the right arm of autocrats
They’re hunting down minorities like rats.

    Third World War when it comes
Will solve those problems all at once.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Reimund Bertrams (image)

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