Only Tear Drops

        I t ‘ s     o n l y     w a t e r
Dripping along the wall
From the ceiling to the surface below
This constant flow
Not to be mentioned
        any more

        I t ‘ s     o n l y     t e a r     d r o p s
Running down the rooftops
The colours grow slowly
Into the grey mist
Only appearing in this time trap
Between sunset and doom
Maybe that gloom
Can help you grow
With the colours
        to be lively again

        I t ‘ s     o n l y     b l o o d     c e l l s
Flooding the brain
Thoughts and fears
About nothing
About all
Maybe perhaps could you please
Leave me a call
So I can call you back
To get right on track
Into this time zone again
        called life.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020


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