Waiting In the Queue

Waiting is a state of mind
If you are able to
If you recognise
The beauty
Of the moment
Your waiting
Isn’t wasted —

Up into the bin
People who can’t wait
Throw their time
Their waiting lasts longer
Than for the ones
Who are able to comply
Because after all
T i m e
    i s
        r e l a t i v e —

We all know
When we stand still
Time flows
Around us {—{

We also know
If we go
Time flows
With us }—}

And if you don’t flow
With the fish
They say
You don’t belong to us }{

Isn’t wasting
If you travel
With your mind
Into your mind
Thinking isn’t waiting
It’s travelling
Through time —

Remembering your past
Patterning your presence*
Imagining your future —

Waiting in a queue
Sometimes travelling
Outside your mind can be both:

Calming1 and

1Calming –>
All those people
Waiting with you
There is equality
In the sight
(even more without needed glasses in use)
Of so many people
With a mask on
One step after the other
Many of them
Staring onto the screen of their mobile phones
Thinking about nothing
Consuming just —

    Is that sight still calming?

2Frightening –>
All those people
Waiting and
Stop and go
Stop and go
There is just one direction
No single alternative route
No sidetrack to move faster
There is just one target
But we don’t even think about it
It’s just about receiving
Not the enjoyment
Of a present
Your looking forward to
Imagine you birthday
As a child
It’s not that kind of a gift

    What is frightening about that?

That nobody is actually
Thinking anymore.

*presence = the moment you live in, but also your equivalent moment in the past / future.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Alexander Gresbek (image)

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