Being Here

Back again
Where it all began
Where it all ended
Where the future started

Back again
On my bicycle
Riding the landscape
Discovering hidden places
Searching for lost traces
Of nature
Where I can be calm
And reflected

Back again
Where dragonflies are sunbathing
Big as dinosaurs
Where the ducks are long gone
Where the sky is always bluer
And the grass greener

Back again
Where the air is fresh
Where I’m breathing freely
Without fear
Without thinking too much
Not wondering about
What could be
What should be

Back again
Because everything that should have been
At an equally green place
Far away from this one

Back again
Where I’m sitting on a bench
Listening to nature
Being disturbed by other humans
Something that didn’t change
From my last time
Being here.

        @ Dominik Alexander / 2021


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