Wrong Direction

Wondering about the people in here
Wandering about the sky
At least the one in their mobile phones
Standing in the queue before
Waiting for coffee
So they don’t need to brew it themselves
Focused on their stomach alone
And their mobile phone
Of course
Without looking up to recognise the service boy
Not even a thankful nod
They have for him
Just taking
Only once looking up
To scan the QR code
To check in
It’s the COVID rules
That rule the world
Checking in means
Being visible in certain statistics
Just a number
Of course
We’re all just numbers
For a long time
That’s nothing
You can blame COVID for
Just the ridiculous fear of humans
Towards each other
The Nazis used
To mark Jews with numbers
Taking their identity
We’re doing it again.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

© Cdd20 (image)

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