Running out of…
I need to run to the kitchen

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Late Balcony Evenings

My late balcony evenings had been long past
Until today
I went out with a cigarette

© Dominik Alexander / 2023

Between Ten and Midnight

It’s two hours of finding the right time and reason
Don’t thinking about tomorrow, just living my daily reality

© Dominik Alexander / 2022


at midnight are the voices quiet noises
through the open door of my balcony
comes streaming in not just clear air

© Dominik Alexander / 2022

There Cometh Me

And then out in the cold
There cometh me
And my shadow
Illuminating the dark walls

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

Sonnet #5: Echoes

The sea arrives in calm at midnight shore
Please tell me frankly what you’ve got in store
When arm in arm my friend and I walk on
Because I truly care where we belong

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Scene noir

Lamp light from the other side / Of the street
Seen through the dirty glass / Of my window

© Dominik Alexander / 2019

Breathing In, Breathing Out

Breathing in like it’s a beam of light
Prepare to fly / Through hidden wisdom;

© Séamus Kennan / 2017

Midnight Blues

Oh, the days go by / Without me trying
Shiny wizards at the sky / My life complete

© Séamus Kennan / 2017