This Beer Is For Free

Is it a real test
Or is it just fantasy
When the target group of people isn’t here
But younger folk because of free beer

Afterwards when the test is done
Without the fire brigades needed
Of course, there is too much fun
Under deck between teens
People are giddy and not serious, it seems —

There it is again: the lack of seriousness
When art is to be enjoyed
There should be no laughing
Art is serious and
You have to be serious in the presence of art
Even though the art is not that smart —

But enough
The test wasn’t tough
The initial one at last —

But the real test of the evening was:
How many beers would the teens consume?
Would the mood change
With ever growing beer level?

It was the classic German dinner:
Beer and sausages in a bun with alternatives
There were people who knew each other before
They wanted to know what everybody had in store
How many beers was the task of the day
At least, it was for free
So we needed to see
How many beers would everybody take in?
Could this challenge be of any sin?

It was only a matter of time
Until those young men in their prime
Would be horribly sick
But some of them offered a trick:
They went early.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© withromli (image)

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