Whistling With the Wind At Midnight

It’s not a challenge
It’s a game we play
The livingroom door is behind me
As a supporter
As a defender
The balcony door stands between me and the howling wind

It’s like a melody
That the air creates
Between door and door

It’s all but a melody
When you are out there
On the other side of the balcony door

But I’m not thinking about other people in this moment
Because this is personal
Only between me and the wind

        The balcony door appears like a paper wall
        It seems just about to fall
        Architecture is at stake
        And what I do is what I make
        I’m sitting peacefully to write
        I know I do this always right
        Because my mood brightens every time
        When I use my pen to paper right in the middle of a crime
        That means in the centre of this storm
        That is wonderfully in form
        Whistling a melody with me
        That I can sleep in to agree

Those are the dreams of generations made of
But no-one really dreams any more
Except me
Dreaming the melody
The whistling melody of the wind
No-one dares to get this hint
Because nightmares are supposed to be brighter
Making their narrow minds only tighter
While I enjoy the dance into the eye of the storm
With my windy melody on my lips
Until I drift
Into one parallel universe of our existence.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© Gerd Altmann (image)

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