Chopin. In B flat minor

We wander and we fall
        From the rooftops of a sacred life
But descendants aren’t all
                Prone to continue or recur
What was missed before
                        What we persued and aspired
We hold all the strings in our hands
                                We can see with open eyes
We see the waves of water
                                        And the eagles fly
But still we stand where we are
        We turn our backs to the open sky
We step down
                And won’t go up
It’s hard sometimes to see what’s wrong
                        Know what people need to do
But can’t do anything as an individual
                                Isn’t it best then
To stand at your window
                                        Turning your back to the sun
Let it burn
        Let you burn to ashes
Getting emotionless inside
                But not as long as there is music
The minor keys play the tune of today’s society
                        The pianist lays his anger and pain into it
Broken and no longer saddened
                                He tries to play the major parts
But deletes them from his mind
                                        They don’t fit to the world we live in
He rips out the pages from the book
        But doesn’t throw them away
He keeps them in his piano
                For later.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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