Sonnet #19: Escape

He always left the escape door wide open
To flee the scene as soon as struggles grew
Sometimes he tried to face a case with coping
But in his mind was left what he went through

© Dominik Alexander / 2022

Time Glue

We are of no influence – just a little piece as glue.

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

Sonnet #12: Prejudices

Applying to indifferences why
The schedule of the fight writes down the law
Release the armour whispers there a cry
The echo breaks itself at what we saw

© Dominik Alexander / 2021


Looking bravely into the mirror
Asking the mind
What do you see?

© Dominik Alexander / 2021


It always starts with love within our hearts
The sorting of the burdens dims the lights
From right to left we’re shuffling all the cards
And hope something remains that souls ignites

© Dominik Alexander / 2021

Agreements With the Past

Making agreements with myself
Of not putting me into a shelf
Closing the door
Not opening it any more

© Dominik Alexander / 2020


The gargoyles roam this place
To meet another face
To face
Fate maybe?

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

Triptychon 3 6 9

Recognising cascades gleaming
Hurricanes of obsolescence
Finishing the distance here
Set a point
Make it clear

© Dominik Alexander / 2020


Waiting for a moment / Waiting together
For a light seen / Through four eyes

© Dominik Alexander / 2019