Dreaming At Day With Eyes Open

When you dream yourself back to reality
Forget about your glasses
You don’t need to throw your sharp look into spaces nobody cares about
Whoever dares about
Talking about freedom creates boundaries
At least in their minds
People might believe
That creating space for other people
Takes space from them
As if space would be space
When it’s actually just an empty sphere
An empty face
Drifting somewhere behind the clouds
Dreaming about freedom in spaces
And don’t even think to me about human races
Because they don’t exist
It’s all fantasy
It’s the failed sciences of the nineteenth century
That still creates hate
White people didn’t want to be late
So they fabricated a powerful enemy
In the people whom they already enslaved
Whom they already murdered





How did I even come here?
How did I even come to this point
To think about hate
From dreaming myself back to reality?

It’s not that far of a process
I’m afraid
Humans always dreamed big
And a few of them
Usually little men with huge egos
Ἀλέξανδρος ὁ Μέγας | Gaius Iulius Caesar | Isaac Newton | Napoleon Bonaparte | Thomas Edward Lawrence | Dustin Hoffman | Vladimir Putin
Don’t dream at night
They dream at day
With open eyes
And make their dreams reality
For the rest to suffer
In one way or another.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020


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