Sonnet #4: Calm

We’re seldom moving backwards thinking into space
Those peaceful drifting feelings standing still in time
When softly running tears across your lying face
You’ve always told to nightingales I was your prime
Shine on in darkness dream yourself to distant shores
Or fly with me to notes for strings and cembalo
Imagine clouds that open doors to dinosaurs
Remember days you’ve lent your voice to Figaro
Your lasting days on Earth may soon be counted down
Here, take my warming hand and let me guide your way
Forget about your pain I’ll wait until your frown
Be gone; be not afraid I’ll surely make you pay
        The ferryman who’s strong and wordless rows the boat
        Stay calm and keep in mind those vows that I just wrote.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Pexels (photograph)

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