They say
At their very last day
Let’s see again soon
I will always have a room
If you’d like to stay
For a night or two
We will have so much fun
Roaming the bars
Watching the stars
Moving right after midnight
High up on the hill
Where we could climb to
Completely drunk
After a bar or two
We really need to see again
Each other
Imagine all the things
We could do
Imagine the joy
When we’ll find a new toy
We could try some sport
We could go on a tour
With our motorcycles
Climb a mountain
We could be boys again
Enjoy the memories
Up upon several trees
In the old neighbourhood
Or whatever else we could
For a few weeks
The promises are fresh in mind
There will be telephone calls
Messages on walls
There will be e-mails
Until the connection fails
There might be misunderstandings
And other improper things
Of distant communication
There might be hard felt action
Where eye contact is missed
Then they might be pissed
About each other
Without reason
Or other people come into their lives
Who are significantly closer
One of them is a stupid tosser
And the communication is lost
Through time and space
Usually because
Humans are lazy
They love to forget
Easily made promises
Even with best friends
But sometimes it depends
On circumstances.

    © Dominik Alexander / 2020

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