Across the Universe

I laud the magnitude
Of spherical heavens
On the Earth down here
But above our minds
So much more
Nothing unknown
Just unknown to us
Everything was one
What’s divided now
All arguments futile
At the end of the day
Every killed individual useless
When everything will be one again
We put our remains to Earth
Dust to dust
No single atom gets lost
We will remain
Until the end of days
But there is no end
There is no beginning
There is only time
And it doesn’t run linear
Everything repeats
Everything starts new
The dust settles
And the dust flies
We’re putting things together
Divide others
And fail
We wrong things
That we already did right
Because we don’t remember
About ten thousand years ago
Dust always settles
Our physical remains
But we’re not lucky enough
Light is always on the run
Away from Earth
Across the universe
And back
When the circle is closed
But it runs away again
Doesn’t stay
And so our mind circles
Across the universe
It takes time with it
When our body stays
Thoughts and flesh disconnected
What has been united

        © Séamus Kennan / 2017

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