We like to appear
For the everyday drama
And the people
Around us
The question today
What is a man
What is a woman
When it shouldn’t be
What is important
How the other one appears
Focus sharp on other people
Belittle the one
Who’s next to you
So you are able
To feel better
When you see tears
Running silently
Down their cheeks
We see people
Yell and scream
But some do wonder
Only sometimes
In fact
Just right now
How are they doing
When they are alone
With only themselves
Are they able to
Stand their thoughts
They must feel
Terribly useless
Nothing to do
Nothing to feel
When there’s nothing left
For their self-hate
To project on
But then
Still then
The focus isn’t towards the mirror
In fact
When on their own
There are still
Plenty of others
To focus on
Turn the telly on
Yell at the screen
Write a tweet
With locked capitals
Throwing hate
But it’s different
When there’s no reaction
No-one is feeling your tension
And there
The thoughts are focused
On their own
By the hate
But when there’s only hate left
There is nothing left to focus on
But hate
And the screen isn’t projection
It only makes it worse
Self-hate isn’t an option
Projection is needed
Another focus
You know
What that means.

    © Dominik Alexander / 2019

scriptorium_pyro night

Because Donald Trump cartoons very much fit to the narration of today’s kind of poem, it’s followed by a growing table of exactly this. Enjoy! And if you’ve seen some really good ones, feel free to give me a hint. Thank you!

Sir, that's your Twitter account. whether to tweet or to nuke Buy American!
No politician was ever treated so badly... Trump vs Hitler Narcissus and the reflecting pool...
Hello 911?

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