Not One Of the Masses

Never felt comfortable
In larger groups of people
Whether it be heading onto the streets for a good cause
Whether it be watching artists in music halls
Whether it be attending thoughtful theatre plays
Whether it be thrown into a group of strangers at work {–}

Always thought it must be
My general disgust of human beings
But actually it is
My general disgust of masses {of human beings}

Headless people
Mindless people
Thrown together
Judged together
Being one of them
One of the masses {–}

I’m not made for this
I’m not made to follow
I’m made to lead
But I don’t want to lead
Headless people
Mindless people {at least not yet}

Apparently humans like to follow
Because it’s easy living
Fashion and its circus exist for a reason
People are told what to wear
People are told what to look like
People are told how to act as a man
People are told how to act as a woman {–}

There are rules for everything
Just follow the rules
And you’re a good human being
Don’t follow
And you’re going to {t}hell {–}

Just t{h}ell me again
That government and church are separated
Say it again
Try to think about it {sheep}
Try not to laugh
Try not to cry {–}

Because the thinkers of the Earth
Are being held down
By both institutions
And their following masses {–}

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Free-Photos (photograph)

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