Taking the Skateboard To Work? I Don’t Think So!

Bright day
Sunny at times
Rain expected

I’m taking my skateboard
To a lonely place
No-one is watching
Except me

The first step onto the board
Is an expecting one

Why am I doing this
Or trying to do this
One day before turning double four?

Surgery happened long ago
And the only moving I’ve had been doing recently

W a l k i n g

w a l k i n g

w a l k i n g

Not running
Not even jogging
Is allowed

My body does have
Several large scars
And looks like taken by the bus
Without stopping

Walking is fine
But I missed the variation
Just a little more speed
To feel the wind
B r e a t h i n g
Onto my face skin
This fresh feeling
You miss
When there is hardly any wind

I had taken my skateboard
Never used it
I have to say
Not just this one
Never used any skateboard
At all

But I knew about an empty place
No people watching
Perfectly plain tarmac
(Perfect for the biggest impact when falling down as a beginner)

So I took my skateboard
I rolled it a little
Missed the board a few times
Standing and rolling at the same time at last
To not to say skating

What I did
Wasn’t skating
It was trying
Distances of a few metres
Searching for my balance
But it was great anyway
Because of those seconds of fresh breathing onto my face skin
Because it was moving
D i f f e r e n t l y .

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

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