I Still Haven’t Done What I Want To Be Remembered For

There is a feeling inside of me
    that I am enough

I’m still learning
    I’m still yearning
        I’m still not earning enough
            but I am enough

I finally arrived inside of me
I am one with my body and mind
One person
        One mind
                One body
                        one and one and one is one
                                and not three anymore

I am happy but calm
Feeling something doesn’t make me cry anymore
What a lovely thought
    what a feeling
        to know
            that my work is honoured
                    and judged worthy

It’s feeling great to be respected
    for what I am
        for what I do
            except for one tiny thing:

I still haven’t done what I want to be remembered for.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© Joshua Woroniecki (image)

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