Cases Of Wonder

Sometimes I want to lit a cigarette
I want to ride on the first puffy cloud
To observe what’s going on down there
        To inhale the little wonders —

Riding on my tiny puffy cloud I see
Tiny little people arguing with each other
Or don’t talking with each other at all
        Just wondering about life —

At night my cloud appears like a mirror
It absorbs the bright light of the Sun
Like the Moon it reflects the mannerisms
        The dark side of the tiny people —

At dawn my puffy cloud turns red
Full of shame of what it saw for the last hours
All those cases of wonder and horror
        Sometimes laughter and pride —

Smoking my cigarette till Sun salutes me
Birds landing on my puffy cold hand
Butterflies surround my blown-up mind
        It’s time for me to sleep.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

© Devran Topallar (image)

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