Berlin After Sunday

Passengers passing by
Some with masks
Some without them

The daylight hits the soul
And makes forget about the latest night —

Breakfast is better preserved in stomach
Than it is in a bag
It’s energy within versus heavy weight as a ballast —

Watching people go
        Where to?
Through their life?
Through my life?

Everybody is just an extra in everyone else’s existence
It’s like sitting in front of a fish bowl —

Watching them swim with other fish
With death being their only target already in sight —

Watching them go
Talking on the phone with other humans being extras for someone else —

Watching the wind blow through someone else’s hair
Watching the wind
The only real power ruling Earth
Watching the wind
Always moving —

Time isn’t the wind’s priority
Or fear of time
Wind has been the first entity on Earth
And it will be the last
Wind has seen worse than humans
But it most certainly has seen better —

What’s worse?
What’s better?
What’s evil?
What’s good?

Why am I here, sitting at my breakfast, trying to write a poem but exaggerate it to the basic questions of humanity?

        © Dominik Alexander / 2022

        © Sascha Quednau (video)

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