Blow Me Away

The later the night
The louder the wind howls
I’m feeling like being in a wolf pack
Howling with the wolves
Like typing letters alone
Waiting for the better word
To arrive
Blown into my mind
I should open the balcony door
Letting him in
Like a guest
Welcome home
Mr Hurricane
Present me a tiny bit of your freedom
Of your desire and willingness
To get heard
But not always quite clear
What do you mean?
Say it again
Tell me
That I’m not alone
Assure me
That I’m part of the pack
Howling with the pack
Howling with the wind
Blow me away.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

A white winter wonderland with snow in the woods. Early morning in the polar region. Two wolves observing their country.
© Comfreak (photograph)

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