The Universe, the Great Unknown

Oh cosmos, how inscrutable and grand
        Your beauty vast, beyond we understand
        In paradox and ambiguity we stand
        As mortals on this little blue dot, command

The nebulae that dance and twirl
        In heavens, a cosmic masterpieces unfurl
        Enigmas of the universe, sagacious minds must swirl
        To comprehend the secrets of this mysterious world

Oh esoteric knowledge, how precious and rare
        A conundrum to decipher, to those who dare
        And in the depths of the unknown, an epiphany so fair
        A glimpse of truth, a glimpse of the sublime to share

From alchemy to precipice we journey on
        In search of knowledge, in search of dawn
        Of a new understanding, of a new truth to spawn
        And on the brink of the infinite, we stand alone

The omnipotent universe, a force so strong
        A nihilistic view, all that we hold will not belong
        To the future, to the ages, to where we come along
        But in the moment, in the cryptic nature of the song

We find solitude in mystery, in the unknown
        In the majesty of cosmos, we find our home
        And in the beauty of the enigma, we are shown
        The wonder of the universe, the great unknown.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2023

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  1. motiv8n says:

    The universe is so vast and mysterious! I’m so inspired by it all.
    But I wonder, since we know we are looking millions of years into the past, is it still there?


    1. That’s some interesting point to consider. At least, we always just can look into the past. Or can we? Since time isn’t necessarily linear, maybe we just look into our future if we just look very far.

      Liked by 1 person

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