This Week in Haikus #1

One week past. And a lot happened again. To remember the most memorable parts and pieces, I write one haiku per day about the very event, placed right next to an iconic photo. Enjoy. And remember.


Haiku_Trump_Jerusalem He admires the wall
That he wants to build at home
Not hit with reason.


Haiku_Ariana Grande Manchester bombing
Schools burning in Marawi
James Bond died today.


Haiku_Ajax 0-2 Manchester United Ajax Manchester
What’s to care about football
In critical times?


Haiku_Trump_Macron_handshake When a firm handshake
Makes us proud Europeans
And shout, ‘Vive la France’.


haiku_g7_taormina G6 versus one
Taormina is confused
Again by the clown.


haiku_photo_journalists_bvb Dogs hunting for prey
Hungry photo journalists
Self-respect missing.


haiku_Francesco_Totti For the king of Rome
Loyalty is permanent
Grazie per tutto!

this week in haikus no 001 - May 2017

        © Séamus Kennan / 22-28 May 2017

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