This Week in Haikus #2

One week past. And a lot happened again. To remember the most memorable parts and pieces, I write one haiku per day about the very event, placed right next to an iconic photo. Enjoy. And remember.


haiku_Planet_Earth_first_Greenpeace We say Europe first
When Trump’s wall create only
America last.


haiku_thomas_tuchel_fired Thomas Tuchel goes
And with him “Echte Liebe”
Love is somewhere else.


haiku_kabul_bombing Nothing new in the
Safe country Afghanistan
Just people dying.


haiku_trump_paris accord An ignorant man
Climate change doesn’t exist
In his childish mind.


haiku_roger waters_is this the life we really want Let’s smell the roses
Wrapped in a golden classic
Let’s have a cigar.


haiku_london_attacks London makes the call
Bashing against each other
Divided we fall.


haiku_one_love_manchester Against hate and crime
We don’t look back in anger
One love Manchester.

this week in haikus no 002 - May_June 2017

        © Séamus Kennan / 29 May-04 June 2017

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