I Like

I like thunder
I like rain
I like wisdom
That I can gain.

I like blue sky
I like heaven
I like the fish
That swam in Devon.

I like mountains
I like snow
I like chances
That you will blow.

I like flowers
I like greens
I like powers
That come for machines.

I like cities
I like streets
I like the peace
That everyone needs.

I like our Earth
I like planes
I like the hope
That sometimes remains.

I like traffic
I like woods
I like the people
That handle my moods.

I like history
I like future
I like the enemy
That gets my lecture.

I like eclipses
I like stars
I like the Moon
That conquers wars.

I like meaning
I like sense
I don’t like ignorance
Behind their fence.

I don’t like idiots
I don’t like guns
I don’t like presidents
That throw out puns.

I like almost all
Human possibilities;
I don’t like the fall
Of human intelligence.

        © Séamus Kennan / 2017

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