For the Love of the Seagulls

First time ever I saw a seagull
Trying to make metres at the sky
Against the heavy winds
Over the river Elbe.

When it rains, it pours
I’m on my bicycle – who cares
The clouds are heavy and the gulls move on
Eventually without even trying.

There’s not much breathing left for me
When lungs are confronted by stormy weather
My spirit is long swept from the bridge
While my body hardly runs on autoplay.

I use to say I love the rain
When I’m standing behind my window
Watching the gulls struggling from there
Always reminds me of failure.

Still on the bridge I lose my breathing
The rain will win like it always does
While the seagulls move on
I’m starting to feel little again.

Making metres through the storm
Me and my bicycle this early morning
Hysterical laughing from bemused seagulls
Will be the soundtrack on my way.

        © Séamus Kennan / 2017

Dresden with clouds_early morning

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