Letter By Letter, Word By Word

words flying by
surrounding my head
then my mind
not separated
everything just clustered
a mixture of letters
there is no structure
at least not yet
i’m not searching
i’m just closing my eyes
enjoying the wonder
of unstructured letters
slowly connecting
to some kind of form
there are clusters of letters
might calling them words
i can sense them
smell them
almost touch them
one sentence appears
the shortest structure
with vague meaning
the beginning
the start of a poem
and from there on
i simply need to take
word by word
out of my mind
grabbing here
grabbing there
because the poem
is already in this sphere
what i do
is giving them structure
handing them sense
taking the right word
at the right time
out of the cluster
that is my mind
so many letters
so many words to choose from
while i write
there is no sense
no thoughts about meaning
i don’t think at all
when i write
just grabbing the words
out of my mind
putting ink to paper
are you surprised?
of course
i’m using my fountain pen
the old-fashioned way
the only working way
the direct way
how it should be
for inspiration
any creativity
from a source unknown
my pen actually
always knows
when the work is done
when the last word is written
i’m starting to breathe again
it’s like waking up
from a daydream
all of a sudden
there is a poem
written in my handwriting
the first reading
it’s magical
it’s like discovering
a new world
the work is done
and there it is:

© Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Edith Lüthi (water coloured art)

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