Election Day After

The claim was done
Of course he had to
Way before the result is called
While the race is still on
Both of them can come through
To get installed;

The next president of the »United« States
One thing is already clear
It will be an old white man
And the other’s got fear
Prison is just one step away
Dancing to YMCA is so gay;

Y E L L I N G     F R A U D
Calling to stop counting
Like finish a football match
When the favourite team
Scored the winning goal in minute sixty-eight
Not as the Golden Goal
{Google that, teens!}
But at minute sixty-nine
That’s not fraud it seems;

Who will be next?
What will be next?
Will we have a president?
Or another Civil War?
It’s like an accident
You just can’t look far;

Democracy dies in darkness
Calls it the Washington Post
While the autocrat in the White House
Runs rampant with his lies
That’s the TV series we live in
Be prepared for season two.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Paula Frost (image)

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