Agreements With the Past

Making agreements with myself
Of not putting me into a shelf
Closing the door
Not opening it any more —

Let’s say they crossed the red line
One time too many
As in such
Not giving zero fuxxs any more —

It’s the times we live in I guess
All the rubbish a holy mess
Those structures you see every day
No-one wants to pay
For culture
History —

Over sea
The tyrant will be gone
Are you happy, son?
Yes, dad!
But why?
Are you mad?
Change is the big glory!
Who cares about your history?
Those rotten buildings
Are part of the past
They shouldn’t take over the future at last —

Thus said my boy
And time will destroy
Those memories
Our culture
While the mistakes of the past
Will be done again.

And again.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

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