My Cameo in »poll-evil-ution« by That’s Chick

My photograph »Cigarettes in Wrocław« appears in a music video. Amazing! It’s just a cameo. But it’s also for a good cause. Though, I highly recommend to watch it!

The new year started with a surprise. Because this morning I got a message on Pixabay from »That’s Chick« that they used one of my photos for their music video. From time to time, I upload photographs to Pixabay when I think that other people might find them useful. All users are able to download and use them free of charge. Credit isn’t needed. Though, it’s nice to get mentioned. In return, I use photos from other users to illustrate some of my poems in here.

Since I started uploading on Pixabay, already lots of people downloaded my photographs. Though, the message from »That’s Chick« has been the first direct one that actually sent me a link to the project, the photo had been included:

This is what Darijo and Isabelle from »That’s Chick« say about their project and the video:

»This song is a non-profit project! All generated revenue from downloads or streaming will be donated to a local environmental project. Help us generate revenue and feel free to recommend our song.«

And this is what I’m doing here. Watch the video, download it, spread the word. Help making the climate change and our environment the top subject in 2021.

Cigarettes in Wrocław on Pixabay

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