ABC of Devonian Age of Fishes

Anxious looks in a death stream of thoughts does Aleosteus
Brainy acts in deep brackish waters does Byssacanthus
Cocky talks through sharp gritted teeth does Coccosteus
Dangerous thoughts related with his family does Dunkleosteus
Euphoric screams from the other world does Euseosteus
Frightened whispers to his caring mother does Fallacosteus
Gorgeous walks around his golden kingdom does Gorgonichthys
Homeless yearnings while sitting at home does Herasmius
Innocent desires hammering his burning soul does Ichthyosteus
Jittering nods of agreement to his enemy does Jiuchengius
Kind words of encouragement to his child does Kimbryanodus
Luscious kisses on the cheeks of his lover does Leptosteus
Mysterious steps into the kingdom of her heart does Melanosteus
Naughty glances towards some green girls does Neophlyctaenius
Obnoxious tastes offending his silent brother does Oxyosteus
Puzzled movements to the amusement of Poseidon does Plourdosteus
Quaint moments to follow up with his brain does Quadrinodigiteus
Repulsive smells from his filthy kitchen does Rhachiosteus
Strange feelings towards their unknown future does Stenosteus
Troubled cries in agony and searching pain does Trematosteus
Uptight servings to the pleasure of a monster does Uralosteus
Vivacious dreams of victorious wars of words does Vukhuclepeus
Weary blinks of eyes before her unbearable death does Walterosteus
Xyloid shakes during a dance out after midnight does Xiangshuiosteus
Yielding flippers to avoid further punishment does Yinosteus
Zealous deeds in ignorance of their extinction does Zhanjilepeus.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Martin Str (image)

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