Suicidal Mushrooms

Whizzing through the orbit         wandering on night sky
Dancing colours in your mind         that mingles ferociously

Your deepest thoughts         and dearest hopes
For you, my sunshine         the sirens whisper
They cheer your echo         from aching bones
You have this dream         for hundred times
These dirty deeds         with dental treatment
You look around         for luscious clouds
To hide your soul         in sinking moons
Until your day dawns         and dreams are gone
You make your mind up         come Monday morning
At least you think         of thorough feelings
That caught your brain         and coughed ideas
From flirting mushrooms         in muddy pants
They smirk at you         and see you wonder
What happened then         at home that night
When clouds were white         these whining bastards
Without protection         this treatment fading
No mushrooms left         and little distraction
Too much for hope         to hide from pain.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2020

© Victoria Borodinova (image)

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