Bright Side Of the M O O N

they said:
follow the   M O O N
those voices whispered:
she follows you
one step at a time
but she’s never behind
always in front of the eye
that’s able to see
and wanted;

This isn’t the subject for poetry; this is the subject for reason. It’s one word after one word; one cloud of letters after previously chosen clouds. Grabbed from above.

Filled hands with letter clouds. Nobody is able to see them; because they aren’t written yet.

Unspoken words. Letters in mind. They vaguely form to clusters as the mind sees the   M O O N .

Calmness spreads; calmness infects reason. Reason needs stasis to unfold.

But the   M O O N   walks on. As the eye. As the mind. And unfolding doesn’t happen.

Reason is just a word. And a cloud of letters.

        © Dominik Alexander / 2021

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